My mac toolbar keeps disappearing

To conserve screen clutter, the Mac OS X Dock — the taskbarlike strip of program and folder shortcuts typically found along the bottom edge of the screen — can be set to hide from view when not in use. If you pass the mouse cursor along the area where the Dock normally lives, it reappears just long enough for you to click the program or icon you were looking for and disappears again when you move the mouse away.

This hide-and-seek behavior can get triggered if you accidentally press the keyboard shortcut for the setting, which is Option-Command-D. Thanks for sharing your feedback on the matter.

How to Use the Mac’s Dock - dummies

I will be sure to pass this information on to the rest of the team. Whenever we do have any updates we will be sure to let everyone know. I have exactly the same thing happening. My Mac software is up to date and overtime I charge or sync the device I have to uninstall Fitbit Connect and do it again. It wastes time and makes me furious. My husband saved to buy me a Fitbit for Christmas so I can't junk it and buy a Garmin.

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We all do this EVERy time we want to sync or track. I think your Fitbit Connect software is probably not compatible with Macs. Thanks for joining the Community. We appreciate your feedback on the matter. I will let the rest of the team know that this is happening, like I mentioned before.

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Whenever we do have any news on this we'll let everyone know. This happens to me too, but it happens less frequently if I keep the. That still isn't good enough obviously but it's something. Thanks for the heads up about the.

5 Tips for How to Hide or Show the Mac's Dock

How much would you say that keeping the. I personally don't want to keep the dmg mounted - I hate an untidy Mac!

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It is also nothing to do with keeping the Mac's other software updated as I always download the latest versions of OS X etc. I'll be sure to keep my eyes open for any updates on the matter. At this moment there are none, but I will be passing the information on to the rest of our team. This is constantly happening to me. The icon disappears from task bar then I go to apps try to open from there something cliks and shakes but it doesn't open. It is frustrating Thanks for bringing this to our attention too.

Q&A: The Case of the Disappearing Dock

We have no news or updates on the situation, but we will be letting everyone know when we have any news. I have this issue too obviously like the rest of mac world. I love fitbit but I can't help feeling that there is a failure by fitbit to take this seriously. I've had my alta hr for almost 3 weeks now and have continued to re-install app. Good luck. I don't think they can fix it, or they'd have done it. I don't even bother syncing anymore. Too much trouble. I'm looking for a different brand. These don't work. Help Forums: Mac Fitbit Icon Disappears from Taskbar.

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Did you mean: One solution to the missing Dock icon issue is to temporarily remove the app from your Dock and then re-add it. Once that generic icon is gone, add the application back to your Dock.

One way to do that is to open your Applications folder and drag the item in question down into your Dock; you can find a shortcut to that Applications folder by clicking on the blue smiley face on the left side of your Dock to open the Finder …. Applications go on the left side of that line, and folders, files, and other shortcuts live on the right side. In many cases, removing and re-adding an application can solve the issue. This special troubleshooting technique will clean out some low-level caches and other files that could be the source of your problem.