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Charts can make data easier to understand and visualize.

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Office makes it easy to create modern-looking charts that include special effects such as 3-D, transparency, and shadows. After you create a chart in Office, you can also use it in other Excel documents. After watching this video, you'll be able to:.

Excel 2008 for Mac: Formatting Cells

After watching this video, you'll be able to: Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. Hot Latest. How To: Generate random numbers with decimals in Excel How To: Create dynamic sub tables in Microsoft Excel How To: Calculate probability in an Excel pivot table How To: Excel uses these labels to create fields on the form.

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  • Column labels become field names. Data that you enter in each field on the form is put in the next blank row.

    Tips and Tricks for Excel for Mac - dummies

    You can't use a data form to add, change, or delete a formula. Do any of the following:.

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    • Add data by using a data form. When you finish adding rows, click Close to add the last new row and close the data form. Cells that contain formulas display the results of the formula and cannot be changed in the data form. Change data in a row.

      How to create a Pivot Table on Excel for Mac

      In the range or table that contains the data that you want to change, click any cell. In the data form, click Find Prev or Find Next , or move the scroll bar to find the row that you want to change. To move to the next field in the form, press TAB. Delete a row.

      Calculate multiple results by using a data table

      In the data form, click Find Prev or Find Next , or move the scroll bar to find the row that you want to delete. Excel prompts you to confirm the operation. You can't undo a row deletion after you confirm it.

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      Enter a series of numbers, dates, or other items. Simplify data entry with a data form Excel for Mac More