F3 key on mac not working

Allan Do you have the f3 key dined somewhere?

How to unlock Function keys on your mac, volume, screen brightness,

What about the other function keys? Do they work? Have you tried holding the Fn key while pressing F3? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Now, down on the hand rest, in the middle are a column of 4 green leds.

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Usually only the top and bottom are lit but today I just happened to notice that the bottom one was off. Hmmm I thought. Wonder what that is? Thought about it a bit more and came to the conclussion that it had something to do with my "F" keys not working. That's "F" keys even though I was thinking Effing Keys.

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Looking closer I found the "F Lock" key. Pressed it and my LED came back on. Went to Cubase and lo and behold, The Puppy Works!

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Of course, now I feel really stupid. But that will pass quickly because I'm old and senile! Once again, thank you all very very much for your patience and help!

Jeremykeys the apparently quite blind! Glad you figured it out. So, the problem is solved and I would truly like to thank all of you for all the great ideas! Glad I could help.

Why is my f3 key not working?

Jeremykeys wrote: If yer gear ain't breakin down, you aint workin' much. On the side of a volcano in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I use the F keys for quick navigation. Generally only the first 3 though. I', not really much of a power user yet.

Just lost functionality of F3 Expose Key????

Sometimes this fixes the problem. Posted on Jul 9, 6: Oct 11, 6: Page content loaded. Dec 15, I had this problem. Try searching for Mission Control in Spotlight. Once you do that pull it down to the dock.

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Open it. Go to an open window. It should work then. Jul 9, 6: Jul 27, Nov 27, 7: