How to multibox wow on mac

Since the new patch came out, CloneKeys no longer properly broadcasts into the WoW clients. Plexer has a lot of data on its website, but I don't have a clue how to install it. WoW-Multiboxer's web page is now deleted, and there were no other download locations for the application, and CloneKeys is still listed as "in beta" so I assume there will be no further development on that project either.

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So my question is this. Is mac multiboxing now a thing of the past? Is there another keystroke broadcasting program out there that I am just not finding? I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, but I tried to search through the forums and most of the mac users talk about one of the three above programs Sooo just after posting this I found out that MultiLaunchBox is still available to download and works! However, it has ceased development and is now only available as a full version no longer paid and I am unsure of how long it will be available for use.

I haven't actually tried to log in on two accounts with this but it should work as long as your computer can handle it.

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Another way is to make a duplicate copy of the WoW application, then you wont have to use the terminal. The copy will only take up 35MB of disk space.

[Mac] Easy Multiboxing

You will probably have to lower your graphics settings to minimum for them both to run more smoothly, though, and obviously you need 2 accounts. Dec 1, Thanks for the replies. The "copy" method worked fine for me. Jun 13, Jun 19, If you plan to roll Draenei or Blood elf characters, or take advantage of any features from Burning Crusade , you must also have separate copies of the expansion as well.

Additional software is required and can vary depending on the desire to run all accounts on one or across many machines.

Multiboxing software

The second requirement is software to broadcast keystrokes from one copy of the game to other copies. Actual software needs will depend on your operating system, and your decision to multibox on one computer or use multiple computers. Software-driven solutions are generally cheaper than Hardware solutions, however, a single PC running multiple games will require specifications at a higher grade than multiple PCs running single game installations.

In general, if you have a medium modern PC, the software multiboxing route may be your best solution. However, if you have more than one older PCs, a hardware multiboxing solution may be a better route.

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Hardware multiboxing often requires an initial investment as well. Key broadcasting sends keystrokes for one application to one or more copies of the application, whether they are on the same machine or not. This does not broadcast the effects of keystroke, such as a complex macro, but just the actual keystroke itself. AutoHotKey is a PC-only application that sends keystrokes to more than one clients on the same machine. Although it does take a bit to set up, this is an example of setting up the "2" key to be sent to both World of Warcraft clients.

GameCommanderpro is a multiboxing management program.

Multi boxing on a Mac?

It provides all the required functionality Key and mouse broadcasting, macro generation, window management, processor affinity, etc. Its key feature is a configuration interface allowing the user to think in terms of game actions rather than the technical aspects. The configuration process creates all the basic macros you need for multiboxing. GCP allows creation of complex spells where each character casts a different spell through a single form.

For more complex situations, it features a graphical spell rotation editor. These can be used with no knowledge of macro creation and key broadcasting. GameCommanderPro links with a special in game mod to provide advanced targeting, including the ability to rapidly change roles ie. Tank, DPS, Heals for each your characters, even in combat.

This targeting system replaces FTL. Though simple to use it still has lots of features for advanced users including a command language. HotkeyNet is a PC-only application that lets you control several programs on your network from any keyboard no matter which PCs the programs are running on.

A single keystroke can send commands to one character, two characters, or any number of them. The commands can be the same or different. You can control more than one program on each PC.

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You can press hotkeys on any keyboard. The same hotkey can do the same things or different things when pressed on different keyboards. A single command can tell each character to do one thing or many things. You can use HotkeyNet as a simple key-broadcaster, but it can also do much more.

How to duelbox on wow using mac

Despite its power, HotkeyNet is fairly easy to use. Here's a sample key definition:.