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First, you need to go get the driver for Mac OS X, and that can be obtained here. Installing the hardware is easy; just plug it into an available USB slot. This needs to be a powered slot, so no dumb USB 1.

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If it were that simple, then you could get started right away, but there are a couple of extra steps before you can play and record. First, you have to set the video standard. The next thing to set is the deinterlace.

Mac Recording and Streaming/Mac Video Capture

Old time video signals were interlaced, which doubled the amount of lines available by interlacing two frames and flicking rapidly between them. The downside to this was that it made the screen flicker. These days we use progressive scan. You can combine the two images for smooth ish progressive images using the deinterlace setting. This is just trial and error on a case-by-case basis. Just try each one to see which is the best fit.

Finally, on the video side, you have to choose the source. S-video is a small 4 pin DIN connector, and you will only find these on certain video cards and S-VHS recorders, so for the most part you will be using the yellow composite video in.

EasyCapViewer features

Sound is a separate issue. Once you have a decent level on the sound, and you have the picture coming into the EasyCAP clearly and with the correct TV standard, you can record your video.

Software to Capture Video With EasyCap DC60+

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Skip Image Gallery …. Be the first to review this product You can expect the same Newegg service but difference in shipping lead-time may apply. Back To Top. The free software is awesome. Was very exciting to see my videos on my screen.

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Love it. Actually I only use the video one and put the audio straight in to the headphone socket after changing it to line-in in system preferences , and away you go! I work for a school system and someone bought a device which you move over reading material like a mouse, but it has a camera and transmits the picture to a base, which has an RCA video out.

How to set up and install EasyCap on a mac

This is to blow up the picture of the words for the visually impaired. Normally it would be connected to a TV set, but in this case I was asked if we could get the picture on an iMac. I picked up a Sabrent version of this Windows open package at MicroCenter not expecting it to work. Much to my surprise it worked! The software saw the USB devise and showed the image on the full iMac screen. This system was running Mac OS I bought this through amazon and it took forever to get. Finally when I hooked everything up and downloaded the driver… you guessed it.