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Word can attempt to shrink the document by one page by slightly reducing the size and spacing of the text in the document. With the Word document opened, click the Office Orb in the upper-left corner of the window.

Better ways to Shrink One Page in Microsoft Word

Word will attempt to shrink the document. It will either complete or pop-up a failure message that lets you know that Word was unsuccessful. Once completed, close the Print Preview window and save the document. Your participation helps us to help others.

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I'm using Word for Mac version Where is the 'Shrink One Page' command? On my system it is listed under All Commands, so try looking there.

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I cannot figure out how to "shrink to fit" a page on the paper size. I have looked through everything and it doesn't help that the HELP menu doesn't include words like shrink to fit or reduce to fit. I often have to squeeze all I need on a page and only want it shrunk to fit the paper size because my printer has minimal margins. I looked through all the print menu options, too. Posted on Mar 3, Page content loaded.

Any idea how to find Shrink to Fit for MS Word 2011 for mac?

Mar 3, There isn't any specific button or menu item for that. You have to change the font size and object size to make everything fit on a page. Mar 3, 1: Mar 3, 2: Mar 3, 5: I don't like the notation for this pair. Bottom line: Prior to OS X, this stopped the current routine, providing an escape route from a process that was running in circles.

In OS X it sounds a beep, but does nothing beyond that. Mar 3, 7: What I posted above is a report of a series of trials and their results.

macos - Cannot find Shrink One Page command in Word for Mac - Super User

And looking back at it, I did say, " Both of these work with the shift key included or omitted," in the set for increasing or reducing font size. The more common convention in this forum and its previous versions for writing down keystroke combinations has been to use a hyphen to connect the keynames in the set:.

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Mar 4, 1: Apr 20, 5: All that works great unless you have a mix of text and pictures.