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Choose Your Own Desktop Wallpaper Picture and Control How They are Displayed

Click the folder you just added to the list pane. The pictures in the folder will display in the view pane to the right. Click the image in the view pane you wish to use as your desktop wallpaper. Your desktop will update to display your selection. Near the top of the sidebar, you will notice a preview of the selected image and how it will look on your Mac's desktop.

How to find and change Apple's default wallpaper on macOS Sierra

Just to the right, you will find a popup menu containing options for fitting the image to your desktop. Images you select may not fit the desktop exactly. You can select the method used by your Mac to arrange the image on your screen. The choices are:.


You can try each option and see its effects in the preview. Some of the available options can cause image distortion, so be sure and check the actual desktop as well.

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If the selected folder contains more than one picture, you can choose to have your Mac display each picture in the folder, either in order or randomly. You can also decide how often the images will change. Use the drop-down menu next to the Change picture box to select when the pictures will change.

How to Change Your Wallpaper! - Mac 2017

You can choose a predefined time interval, ranging from every 5 seconds to once a day, or you can choose to have the picture change when you log in, or when your Mac wakes from sleep. To have the desktop pictures change in random order, put a check mark in the Random order checkbox. Click the close red button to close System Preferences, and enjoy your new desktop pictures.

How to change background on Mac

Note that if you had earlier selected a folder located on an external hard drive or USB flash drive, disable it from the Mac and the image on the desktop will be returned automatically to the standard one. You can also change your screen saver — the image, video or text displayed when the computer is not in use.

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  • Most Mac users like good screen savers and do not limit themselves to the default collection. It is recommended that you remove unneeded screen savers. It also has some more features, among which is the possibility of managing extensions and clearing screen savers. You are here: How to change wallpaper on Mac — Way 1 You can set the desktop picture right from your browser. How to change Mac background — Way 2 Any image located on your Mac can be set as a desktop picture.

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