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In the window on the right, scroll down to the bottom of the log file and click on the last line make sure the latest entries are on the bottom - what you click on should be the latest entry. That will give you a reference of the last line before any more messages were added. What will show up in the console log will be identical to the output in the Arduino log area but what is nice is it will also have timestamps with HH: This hopefully will show you exactly how long each phase in the upload is taking.

Do that before changing anything in the next steps so that we have more data from an unhealthy environment. Some things I forgot to ask is what version of Arduino board are you using? I'm using an Uno R3. Also, in the Arduino IDE, what selections are checked under the following: I'm heading out for a bike ride so I'll be away for a bit.

Ischia on Jun 10, , Whoah, lots of questions again Here goes: The Clever Monkey: I started comparing your log to one that I created. In the mean time, would you please humor me with a silly request?

Also, with respect to your log error, "MDS Error: MDS is a Spotlight process. Some people solved the problem by rebooting in single user mode Command Option S and then later restarting normally. This caused the Spotlight database to be rebuilt. Others removed the directory manually. It was automatically recreated and the problem did go away but in some cases it came back. Below is a several step solution that appears to have worked permanently, at least for this person.

This is the solution but check out the whole thread. It's up to you if you want to do it. It didn't help, of course. I can't boot into safe mode, it's a long story, I'm running a non-EFI GPU here, which only comes to life at the login screen no boot display.

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Anyway it's not the issue since, like I mentioned, I'm having the exact same Arduino performance on the iMac. I was afraid of that but thanks for humoring me. Your log looks very similar to mine, right down to the warnings in the included files. The big difference is that most times it appears to take 2 seconds to compile each package for your compile, where it takes milliseconds to compile mine. That wait time won't show up as CPU cycles, just extra time to complete.

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I hate to say this, because you probably have a good reason why you haven't stepped up to Lion on those machines, but that may be your only recourse. You can't say we didn't try.

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If you do figure out anything please post to the thread so that I receive an email. Best of luck.

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    Allen, die jetzt etwas Respekt bekommen den Rechner aufzuschrauben sei gesagt: Oben links das optische Laufwerk, rechts das Mainboard, unten links die Festplatte und daneben der Akku. Erster Schritt: Er muss vorsichtig nach oben herausgezogen werden. Wenn das geschehen ist, kann die eigentliche Arbeit beginnen. Dieser Part ist der einfachste von allen. Die Module werden rechts und links von kleinen Klammern gehalten.

    [Solved] Clover Very Slow to start up

    Das darunterliegende ebenso. Der Einbau des neuen Speichers geschieht dementsprechend in umgekehrter Reihenfolge: Wie ihr sehen werdet haben die Module eine kleine Kerbe, d. Macht das langsam, das Festplattenkabel ist noch angeschlossen. Einfach abziehen.

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    Die alte Festplatte ist jetzt frei. Schraubt diese von der Platte ab und an die neue SSD dran. Dann baut Ihr diese ein: Wenn es sitzt die SSD flach einlegen und mit der Kunststoffhalterung wieder fixieren. Hier ein Video, der den Umbau zeigt. Dort sollte jetzt die neue SSD gelistet sein und es wird angezeigt, dass sie noch nicht initialisiert ist.

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