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Epic World textures are derived from acoustic sources so all the amazing atmospheres you hear predominantly have a 'real' as opposed to a synthesised sound. It contains a huge arsenal of sonic landscapes that go from bright to dark, from soft to powerful and from magical to haunting.

Best Service Releases Free Engine Artists Library For Engine 2

No further sampler is required. Instrument list: Developer Eduardo Tarilonte has obviously put his heart and soul into this library, and it shows. A very worthy recipient of our highest five-star rating! I look forward to hearing what he will come up with next!

Get access to exclusive discounts, reward points, VIP benefits, new-release alerts and much more. Close search. Loyalty Points Home Products expand. Subscribe for Demo Content Subscribe. Best Service Epic World Blends unreal atmospheres with real sounds. Our price:. Product Option: Taxes VAT will be calculated based on delivery address at checkout. Thanks for the heads up. What is your system OSX? What oversion OSX etc? What host? Guess not now! Has engine ever gone 64bit yet?

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TeamLeader , Sep 11, Nostradamus, I'm curious as to what the problem is? You mention crap and shitty and trash, but no details about what exactly is wrong with this software. Again, just curious Ned Bouhalassa , Sep 11, I had a terrible experience with the Best Service engine while trying their Kraftwerk related library. I rarely assign such bold judgements but really my experience with it has been a nigtmare.

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Despite the fact i was seriously interesting in the samples i never really considered buying it as long as they come within that engine. It is a great sounding sampler, but needs some work, more libraries developed for Engine, plus licensing to 3rd party developers, and better customer support. Teamleader, I've had some small problems with Engine in the past but it does run quite well now. I am running it on VE Pro and I don't use the native reverb as it is a bit of a resource hog. Otherwise all fine here and I would definitely recommend getting Forest Kingdom!

Best Service Epic World

Samplitude and Yellow Tools. Can two wrongs make a right?

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I have Ind Pro, which I think is the same engine. I like working with it, but the installation is needlessly complicated.

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I purchased the upgrade from 2. Are you perhaps using the x64 version of Engine 2? I used to use that and it gave me headaches every time. Using the 32 bit version in VSL VE Pro does the trick for me - still loooong loading times without a progress bar, but no crashes at all. Dominik Raab , Sep 11, Using the onboard convolution reverb is ridiculously CPU intensive, but I don't do that so it's not really a concern. It's certainly not as robust as Kontakt but I can't actually say it's given me any grief — and the libraries I work with on it are well worth the comparatively involved install process and other small quirks, like the lack of a progress bar for loading things.

Marius Masalar , Sep 11, I use Engine and I haven't had any problems with it. I quite like it, although I wish the library I currently have was a Kontakt one, it's pretty cool. The only thing is that the 64bit version of Engine doesn't work in VE Pro yet, but the 32bit does. Annoying, but it didn't stop me from building a nice template.