Mac mini or apple tv as media server

As an aside on the first generation Apple TV, digital copies of official iTunes content will still run on your unit provided that it was authorized prior to May 25, and should work until the unit dies as long as you never restore the device. Any other original Apple TV units out in the wild waiting for new owners are also now out of luck due to no longer being able to be authorized. Going back to the mid Mac mini: I was satisfied with the performance of Sierra on this machine configuration: Here are a few key reasons why I made this decision besides the obvious Apple TV support and drive partitioning issues:.

The Mac mini fits the bill for this key feature — and offers so much more.

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You have the SD card slot, expansion through ports for external drives, wireless options for streaming from another source, and more. The 2.

This allowed me to hook up the Mac mini and send the video right to the screens. This kind of self-contained functionality and utility was something I once had with the original Apple TV that I now have regained with the Mac mini.

Apple TV vs. Mac Mini

What can I say. Office and other various browsers and applications have begun to just move on.

That will give me the most options. That solution eliminates the partition issues I was having with the mid Mini and lets me use the machine how I want, when I want. Looking even further down the line, I will have to give up the ghost at some point for media — at least with purchased content. That means sucking it up and moving on, living with less-desirable solutions like the streaming-only 4K Apple TV or creating my own experience though locally stored content and a media center application that can replicate an experience similar to what was there with iTunes 10 or even XBMC that were feature rich.

It has more than enough oomph to drive 4k video and is still relatively compact.

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Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media. However, assuming you go with a Mac mini, I definitely think the newest version is way more powerful and expensive than you'd need, especially if you're happy to rely on external hard drives. The second most recent Mac mini is from I think, so it is pretty dated, but even the base model has enough processing power to work as a media server. It has an HDMI out so you'd have no problem connecting to a newer tv.

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It will run the newest version of mac OS, so you'll be able to use remote desktop, so you can control your Macmini through your MacBook, you won't even necessarily need to use your tv or the Mac mini keyboard. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any good remote control available for this kind of set-up, a wireless apple keyboard or maybe even just a touchpad would probably work best.

I've done this. I don't recommend it.

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I eventually sold my living-room Mac and got an Apple TV. For my purposes, it's a much better setup. When you have a Mac hooked up directly to your TV as a media server, you need to use it as a computer sometimes and as a media player sometimes. And when you're using it as a media player, its computer-ness tends to bleed through and interrupt what you're doing. The whole experience is pretty unsatisfactory.

I could go into more detail if you want. If you have a Mac somewhere on your home network, you can put all your photos in Photos and all your music and video in iTunes and stream that to an AppleTV hooked up to your TV. That's what I'm doing. It is a lot less fooling around. Add me to the camp.